• Jeff Tyler

Jeff Tyler

"Being of a basic capitalistic nature and thus investing the stock markets myself, I understand the desire on the part of the oil companies that operate within Alaska to minimize their levels of taxation. It makes sense that these companies would attempt to maximize the value of the shares their ... Read More

  • Eric Treider

Eric Treider

"It’s a matter of fairness. We should be embarrassed that Alaska’s oil production tax rates are half that of other states. Right now, we are short-changing the health and education of our people in order to backstop the lavish profits of some of the world’s largest corporations. Enough is enough! ... Read More

  • Don Callahan

Don Callahan

"The State of Alaska has been in remiss to get the fair share of it's oil wealth ever since the days when Governor Jay Hammond was instrumental in setting up the permanent fund. The pressures of the Big Three oil extractors in Alaska, BP, Conoco-Phillips, and Exxon have overwhelmed our ... Read More

  • Dru Sorenson

“Sourdough” Dru Sorenson

Hope 'Alaskans Fair Share Act is '"the cats meow"! About time we Alaskans got our Fair Share! Our Alaska State Constitution is very clear who is suppose to profit the most from its own resources-Alaskans! That's why we held our "Constitutional Convention" to become a state in Fairbanks Alaska in ... Read More

  • Mark Hopkin

Mark Hopkin

When I heard that Alaskans were going to vote again on oil taxes, my first thought was, “Can’t we just stick to a tax rate for five seconds?” By nature, I’m a low-tax kind of guy. But then I started to delve a little deeper into our current tax structure, ... Read More

  • Paul Seaton

Paul Seaton

"Alaska’s government has shown itself incapable of correcting our broken oil tax system.  Alaskan voters can get around the lobbyists and lead the way to fixing our budgets by Voting YES on Alaska’s Fair Share Oil Tax reform. "

  • Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips

"I support the fair share act because I think it's very very fair to the oil companies. Alaska gets far less revenue from its oil than any other state or Country. Stand up for Alaska and support the Fair Share Act initiative."

  • Clem Tillion

Clem Tillion

"It makes a great deal of sense. Why are we giving breaks to something at Prudhoe Bay that was built on our land, belongs to our people ... Hey, that's ours. We're not giving it away."

  • Ross Thompson

Ross Thompson

'I am supporting Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share for the following: People supporting SB21 (current tax structure) did so to encourage the oil industry to invest more to increase production. According to an article in the Anchorage Daily News, April 9, 2013, “...The companies that operate on the North ... Read More

  • Jane Angvik

Jane Angvik

"I think this initiative is the PEOPLE of Alaska standing up to claw back what was taken from us by multinational corporations. They recruited and financed the people they wanted to do their bidding and got them elected to the Alaska state legislature. Then those elected officials could give away ... Read More

  • Les Gara

Les Gara

If we want a state that supports good schools, construction jobs, seniors and kids, or protecting the Permanent Fund, we need fair revenue and to end our budget gap. Ending Alaska's oil company tax credits, and fixing the lowest combined oil tax and royalty among major U.S. states, is a ... Read More