Take Action!

If you support Alaska’s Fair Share Act we need you to take action and help pass this initiative! Financial disclosures show the oil industry has already raised more than $2 million to fight us. Their top contributors are ExxonMobile, BP Alaska, and ConocoPhillips Alaska. This means that the oil companies have pitted themselves against this Alaskan grassroots organization.

We can expect a slick advertising campaign funded by millions from Big Corporate Interests. With as much as they are throwing at us we know that Alaskans support a fair share. Polling shows that Alaskans get it!

  • Contribute! Please donate as much as you are able – it matters.  The Maximum annual donation per donor is unlimited.  You may donate a lot or what you can afford.
  • Volunteer: We are a volunteer organization and one of the first things we are doing is collecting names of Alaskans who want to participate. This participation could be collecting signatures on the referendum, phone-banking, donating money, or all the activities that a well run campaign will offers to its volunteers.
  • Like us on Facebook! It may sound like a frivolous request but social media can help drive turnout and results. The more you share our page and our posts the more Alaskans are educated and energized. We don’t have the money for slick TV commercials, we need to work together to combat the Oil Companies myth machine.
  • Be Heard – Write Letter’s to the Editor and tell Alaskans why you are voting YES.
  • Yard Sign – Let your neighbors know that you support the repeal.
  • Print a Car Sign – A fun and easy way to show your support for Repealing SB-21 is by clicking the link and printing off a sign for your car or home window!
  • VOTE – We’ll know soon which election and when. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date.