Alaska’s Largest Weekly Paper Says “Vote YES on Measure 1”

November 2, 2020
Contact: campaign manager David Dunsmore (907)278-8000 (headquarters) or (907)830-4288 (cell)

Last week supporters of Ballot Measure1, Alaska’s Fair Share Act, scored yet another major endorsement as the Anchorage Press published an editorial urging a yes vote on Measure 1.

“The oil companies scared Alaskans for years that they’d pick up and leave if we ever demanded a teensy better share and like good little abuse victims,” the editorial said, “we listened and we behaved. And what was our reward for being good little handmaids? BP picked up and left town anyway. We need to stand up to the oil companies that have taken advantage of us for years. Let them know we’re not going to take the abuse anymore.”

The editorial sums their position up, that reflects the independent streak of Alaskans: “Yes on 1 isn’t a vote about revenue; it’s a vote about standing up for ourselves.”

The Anchorage Press is Alaska’s largest circulating weekly newspaper covering local news, politics and opinions.

Ballot Measure 1 would increase Alaska’s share of production revenue only from Alaska’s three largest and most profitable oil fields. It would end the shroud of secrecy and make company profits on these fields public information so it can no longer be hidden. Alaska’s Fair Share will be decided by voters on Tuesday.

For additional information contact campaign manager David Dunsmore at (907)278-8000 (headquarters) or (907)830-4288 (cell). Learn more about Ballot Measure 1 at



Read the full Anchorage Press editorial here.