October 29, 2020
Contact: David Dunsmore (907) 830-4288 (cell) or (907) 278-8000 (headquarters)

Alaska’s Fair Share Act sponsors wish to extend a heartfelt Ana Bassee’ (Thank you!) to Tanana Chiefs Conference for their endorsement of Ballot Measure 1 Alaska’s Fair Share Act.

“This endorsement by Tanana Chiefs Conference underscores the urgency of addressing the State of Alaska’s budget crisis,” Ballot Measure 1 co-sponsor Jane Angvik said. “TCC’s Council clearly understands that their 42 Interior communities are in peril of losing critical services if the State continues to make budget cuts that will endanger village schools, safety and public health. We are grateful for their courageous action in encouraging a Vote YES on Prop #1.”

“TCC has long been an active voice in educating tribal members and candidates on policy, legislation and ballot initiatives. The most pressing for TCC and Alaska is to implement solutions to the current fiscal crisis,” a recent TCC press release said. To that effect, the TCC full Board of Directors passed Council Resolution 2020-20 calling for a “Yes” vote on Ballot Measure 1.

“We are honored and humbled to have the support of Tanana Chiefs Conference and their tribal members,” Angvik said. “Every community across the state has been hurt by the oil production revenue crisis and Alaskans are rallying together to defend our communities and pass Ballot Measure 1.”

TCC Chief/Chairman PJ Simon stated, “The current fiscal crisis is unprecedented and the impacts will be long lasting and severe. A “Yes” vote for Ballot Measure 1 is a step in the right direction to ensure Alaska’s natural resources are optimized to better serve Alaskans.”