“If you want reliable ferry service, a strong University and Public Education system then join me in supporting the Fair Share Act.  The Fair Share Act offers a solution to the state’s budget deficit.

The Alaska State Constitution Requires the development of resources  “for the maximum benefit of its people”. Under the current tax scheme Alaskans have given away billions of dollars to the oil industry, making Alaska the most profitable place in the world for oil companies to do business. If the current system was fair to Alaskans, then we would also be thriving. But we are not. We were promised more jobs, more oil and a larger PFD if we backed SB21. Instead, 6 years After SB 21 went in to effect our university system, the Alaska Marine Highway, K-12 Education and state services have been cut to the point that they are barely able to function. This is because we are giving away our oil.”

~Nate Graham