– Why Voting Yes on Ballot Measure One Makes Sense For Alaska

Ballot Measure One, known as the Fair Share Act, is a ballot initiative that would increase the State of Alaska’s share of revenues from the production of oil.

The additional revenues created from the Fair Share Act could then be used to fund essential services such as education, universities, health care, public safety, rural electric equalization, and marine highway transportation, as well as to fund capital projects and permanent fund dividends.

– Why is Ballot Measure One Important Now

Alaska is facing a historic budget crisis that has already been costing many Alaskans their jobs, cutting important services and costing every Alaskan their PFDs. Through the many cuts to our universities and the Alaska Marine Highway (just to name a couple) we have seen decreases in staff, cutting of service and programs. This is unacceptable.

The Alaska Constitution was written with all Alaskans in mind as ‘owners’ of the resources, and we are obligated to get the maximum benefit for the people – not the maximum benefit for large corporations.

It is up to each of us to stand up, make our voices heard, and not continue to be beholden to scare tactics of large corporations. We need to keep everyday Alaskans in mind first. We need a stable and diverse economy. We need to invest in our future, while balancing our budget now. That means living within our means, while also being good stewards of our lands.