“I think this initiative is the PEOPLE of Alaska standing up to claw back what was taken from us by multinational corporations. They recruited and financed the people they wanted to do their bidding and got them elected to the Alaska state legislature. Then those elected officials could give away the assets of Alaska to them. It’s time to Stand up for Alaska. Vote Yes For Alaska’s Fair Share.”

Alaskans don’t get scared of challenging situations and we aren’t afraid of hard work. This great state was built by those who have a love of the land, a sense of adventure and individuals who have an entrepreneurial, can-do attitude. And we work together to get the job done.
This election we have a job to do. It starts by Voting Yes on #1/Alaska’s Fair Share. We can help put our great state back on track to prosperity and build a better future.
Alaskans are working harder than ever and many are still worried about making ends meet. Meanwhile, all we hear about is more budgets cuts and sacrifices that we, Alaskans will need to make, putting both our stability and future at risk.
Yes on #1 will keep in Alaska on average $1 Billion a year that is now being sent Outside. It’s long overdue.
  •  For six years, Big Oil has profited from taking our oil from our land, and Alaskans have been paying for it.
  • ConocoPhillips in the past six years increased their shareholder dividends by 60% and recently reported that they are planning a $1Billion stock repurchase – they are stockpiling cash and we are depleting our savings.
  • Meanwhile, Alaskans have had our PFD cut over the past few years by 60%.
Let’s work together, as Alaskans do, to meet this challenge with a good and fair solution. Support Vote Yes on #1 today, and let’s start building the future we want for Alaska and for our children on our terms.