by Dave Carter

While many will agree with Larry Persily’s Feb. 2 commentary noting that we have not seen leadership from Gov. Mike Dunleavy, and that Alaskans are willing to generate new revenue to restore at least part of the Alaska we knew and loved to live in, he left out some very important information. He forgot to tell Alaskans about the quickest and fairest solution — to both producers and Alaskans — to restore a portion of our historical oil production tax revenue.

Please take the time to go to the Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share website and spend some time reviewing the information there. More than 40,000 Alaskans signed the petition, and this initiative will be on the ballot this year. Ignore the traditional misleading and irrelevant business/economy/jobs messaging from the industry, which has its own self-interests in paying us as little for our oil as it can.

When passed by Alaska voters, we should see about a billion dollars, beginning in 2021, of our traditional production tax restored, annually. This will pay for a lot of things. No other option to restore this type of revenue exists.