“I think Alaskans have been let down by state officials on oil revenue. We have been shorted by either ignorance (of state government) or special interest lobby, either way – who in their right mind would pay to have oil taken to market. Us Alaskans have supported oil development from day 1 and all the incredible profits to those developers over the last 30 years +. Yet we have never gotten a fair share with respect to royalties as paid  in other developed countries or even  normal tax rates . If Alaska is exporting hundreds of thousands  BPD  currently’ than why are Alaskans not making any money ? It should be a source of income to Alaskans not a payout using all of our savings to dry up those wells.  If we continue to leave this up to state officials we would be better off plugging those wells now, that would at least stop the financial hemorrhage happening now! We must pass this on our own. You do the math.”

~ Mike Craft

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