Supporters: Alaskans “get less for our oil than Russians, Norwegians, Texans, North Dakotans…”

May 27, 2020
Contact: David Dunsmore, campaign manager, (907)278-8000 or (907)830-4288

Backers of the Alaska’s Fair Share initiative launched a statewide media buy Tuesday with hard hitting radio ads airing in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau markets and online audio and video ads running statewide. Initiative supporters argue that the legislature’s decision to lower Alaska’s share of oil production revenue in 2013 led to job losses, cuts to services and lower Permanent Fund Dividends.

“The facts are clear that Alaskans are not getting a fair share for our oil,” said initiative sponsor Merrick Peirce of Fairbanks. “Alaskan families of four have lost over $28,000 in dividend cuts since SB 21 was passed while ConocoPhillips has increased dividends for its shareholders. Alaskans know that’s not right.”

“Believe it or not, Alaskans are getting a worse deal for our oil now than back when all those politicians were taking bribes,” begins an ad titled “Believe It or Not,” referencing the Veco scandal which shook the Alaska political world in the mid-2000s. “In fact, we get less for our oil than Russians, Norwegians, Texans, North Dakotans, or any major resource owner,” argues an ad called “Real Facts.”

“The more Alaskans learn about how much we are getting ripped off, the more they flock to our cause,” said initiative sponsor Jane Angvik of Anchorage. “These spots deliver a powerful message that Alaskans must get our fair share to save jobs, vital services and our Alaskan way of life.”

The ads were produced by Porcaro Communications, a local Anchorage based agency with nearly four decades of experience advertising in Alaska. “Our firm has a history of supporting the oil industry, and we continue to be great supporters of oil exploration and production in Alaska,” Porcaro Communications president Mark Hopkin said. “But SB 21 has been a disaster for Alaska, and the future of our state depends on getting a deal that’s fair for the industry and the state. We feel honored to play a part in that.”

A group bankrolled by the major oil producers has spent almost $5 million opposing the initiative while initiative backers are confident their message will resonate better with the voters. “Our opponents are fighting to keep their sweetheart deal, we’re fighting for the future of our state,” campaign manager David Dunsmore said. “Our message is more credible, more resonant and we can deliver it with precision to the voters who will decide this election.”

The Alaska’s Fair Share initiative will be voted on at the November general election.

For additional information contact David Dunsmore at (907)278-8000 (headquarters) or (907)830-4288 (cell). Scripts and files of the three ads are available by request.