April 11, 2020

ANCHORAGE –The Fair Share Act initiative released the following statement regarding the lawsuit filed yesterday challenging the initiative’s certification:

“Surrogates for the international oil producers apparently agree Alaskans will vote in favor of getting a fair share of revenues from our three largest and most profitable oil fields. As a result, they have filed legal action to take away Alaskans’ right to vote on the Fair Share Act. The lawsuit is baseless and an affront to the 39,174 Alaskans who exercised their constitutional right to place the Fair Share Act on the ballot and to all Alaskans’ right to vote.

Alaskans currently get a smaller share for our oil than ever in our history and a smaller share than any other major resource owner in the world. The Fair Share Act will ensure Alaskans realize a fair share from the oil produced from our three largest and most profitable oil fields.

The Fair Share Act will also allow Alaskans to know the true revenues, costs, and profits of the international oil producers in those three major fields.

It is no wonder the international oil producers and their surrogates do not think they can defeat this common-sense initiative at the ballot box. We are confident the courts will uphold Alaskans’ right to vote on this critical initiative.”

For additional information members of the press may contact Mr. Brena at 907-258-2000.