Robin Brena on The Alaska Show

The Alaska Show’s Alex Trokey says:

“This episode will make you mad and will open your eyes. Anchorage attorney and real estate investor Robin O. Brena is spearheading the Fair Share Act on the ballot in November to raise production taxes on Alaska’s most established and profitable oil fields. He clearly lays out the flaws in Senate Bill 21 in 2013 that let oil companies obscure their profits and evade production taxes, explains why the Alaskan economy was still in recession when oil was at $70 a barrel recently (hint: we aren’t getting our fair share) and how this state’s dividend and essential services are flat out unsustainable if Alaskans let oil companies buy their votes this November. We also discuss his major litigation wins (fighting on behalf of AND against oil companies), his pro-business approach, and commercial real estate in Anchorage.”