The Fair Share Act petition was filed with the State of Alaska Division of Elections August 16, 2019.

Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share will be giving Alaskans a chance to fix the budget crisis.  On February 26, the Alaska Division of Elections (ADOE) posted that more than enough signatures have been qualified to meet the requirements for the initiative petition to be on the ballot in 2020.

During the winter with record-breaking cold spells, The Fair Share team collected more than 44,000 signatures from across the state in less than 3 months. Fair Share team expects that close to 40,000 signatures will finally be qualified, exceeding the requirement by 40%. Additionally, Fair Share has qualified 37 of the 40 House districts, far exceeding the minimum threshold of 30 qualified districts.

This 2 page act simply corrects the glaring problems with the current oil production tax in our state. Click on the pages below to read the full text.